If you are reading this, you are probably interested in some form of collaboration with me. This page explains the type of collaboration and research topics I am interested in. You may also wish to check out my Curriculum Vitae to gain better understanding of my background and research interests.


I am interested both in collaboration with other researchers, as well as in supervision (or co-supervision) of students e.g. for the MSci/MEng final year project.

My previous collaborators include Professor Andrew Zisserman and Professor Alison Noble from the University of Oxford, Professor Roberto Cipolla, Mr. Tae-Kyun Kim, Dr Gabriel Brostow, Mr Matthew Johnson and Mr Jamie Shotton from the University of Cambridge, Professor Trevor Darrell, Dr Gregory Shakhnarovich and Dr John Fisher from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr Osamu Yamaguchi and Mr Masashi Nishiyama of the Toshiba Corporation, and Dr Riad Hammoud of Delphi Electronics and Safety.


My past research experience has largely been in the fields of computer vision and machine learning and in particular automatic face recognition (AFR) from image sets and video, illumination invariance for AFR, content-based multimedia retrieval and organization etc. However, my research interests are of a much wider scope than this - any novel or challenging topic within these fields is bound to spark my curiosity. Furthermore, I am very interested in possible applications of computer vision and machine learning in other scientific disciplines, especially in physics, astronomy, medicine and physiology.

Briefly, if in doubt, do not hesitate to contact me.