I have been involved in numismatics - coin collecting - since I was only 5-6 years old. Nowadays, my passion lies mainly with ancient Greek and early Roman imperial coins, but in recent years I have also become increasingly interested in medieval Serbian coinage. My collection now includes such coins as an antoninianus of the virtually unknown emperor Nigrinianus, aureii of Marcus Aurelius and Trajan Decius, tetradrachms of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II, and many others.

Here are a few random examples from my collection.

Aegina Obol, AR, circa 400 BC, rare Gortyna Drachm, AR, circa 340 BC, very rare
Alexander the Great Tetradrachm, AR, circa 325 BC Philip II Tetradrachm, AR, circa 345 BC, rare
Marcus Aurelius Aureus, AV, 168 AD, very rare Trajan Decius Aureus, AV, circa 250 AD, very rare
Gordian III Medallion, AE, circa 240 AD, rare Domitian Denarius, AR, 76 AD, rare
Athens Tetradrachm, AR, circa 400 BC, rare Thasos Tetradrachm, AR, circa 150 BC, rare