At present, I am involved in teaching at the University of Cambridge both at the college as well as at the departmental level. At the college level, teaching involves the so-called supervisions i.e. classes given to small groups of students (typically 1-2 at one time). On the other hand, I also give the more traditional lectures at the Department of Engineering.


At the moment I supervise Papers 6 and 7 for Part IB Exams, which include the following topics:


Image Processing

In Easter term 2006/2007 I will be giving lectures on "Photo Editing" part of the "Image Processing" processing course at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. The syllabus includes [LINK]:


I am also currently organizing the "Biometrics" course at the British Institute of Technology & E-commerce. The course comprises a theoretical part, which is covered by 12 lectures, each approximately 2h in length, and 7 computer assignments of total duration of 12h. The lecture syllabus is: The syllabus of computer exercises is: